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   Greece is a country with a particularly rich and ancient history.
   Excavations show that the first settlement is dating from the Palaeolithic era (11.000-3000 BC). During the second millennium BC, Greece gave birth to the great civilisations of the Minoan (2600-1500 BC), the Mycenaean (1500-1150 BC) and the Cycladic civilisation on the greek islands of the Centre Aegean.

   The Classical Period of Greece History (6th -4th centuries BC) was the Golden Age and the most famous world wide; during this period lived the greatest philosophers and mathematicians.

   Then, the history of Greece is a succession of various invasions and dominations: the Macedonians formed a strong Empire, followed by the Romans and the Byzantine Empire which ended with the invasion of the Turks. The Ottoman rule lasted for 400 years and was a dark period for the inhabitants of the ex-Byzantine Empire. Wanting to finally win their freedom, people of the Greece territory started to organise themselves and various revolts exploded against the Turkish oppressor.

   The Independence War started from the Peloponnese in 1821 and ended on March 1831, with the establishment of the new and independent Greek State. A monarchy was established a few years after that by the Great Powers. Then Greeks elected Eleutherios Venizelos as their Prime Minister; but only a few years after, he was assassinated. A civilian war followed as well as the terrible German and Italian occupation and the dictatorship of Metaxas (1967), which ended in 1974. This very incomplete and summarized recapitulation of the Greek history gives a taste of its complexity and of the sufferings alienation of its population who often fought for its freedom.



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